Bee Addictions?

Nature didn't intend for caffeine to be relegated to your morning pot of coffee. It's actually a plant defense chemical that shoos harmful insects away and lures pollinators in.

Scientists at Newcastle University, found that nectar laced with caffeine helps bees remember where the flower is, increasing the chances of a return visit. (

While caffeine makes bees work better, cocaine turns them into "big fat liars". Bees "dance" to communicate a way of giving fellow bees directions to good food. But high honeybees exaggerate their moves and overemphasize the food's quality. They even exhibit withdrawal symptoms, helping scientists understand the nuances of addiction. (

We urge you not be lured by a"big fat liar" to the low quality honey. We at UNIK dance to point you to the good quality products! So don't hesitate to trust our dance!

BEE safe, BEE healthy, BEE amazing!