Bees That Saved America

During the American War Of Independence, beekeeper Charity Crabtree was tending to her bee skeps when she came across a wounded soldier. He plead with her to take his horse and ride at once to General Washington and warn him English Lieutenant General Lord Cornwallis and his army were planning an imminent attack. Just as Charity was about to ride off, the British Redcoats arrived. To prevent them from capturing her, Charity beat her bee skeps with a stick, angering the bees. As the frenzied bees came pouring out of the hives she threw the stick at her pursuers. The incensed bees followed the stick and attacked the soldiers, stinging them relentlessly. Charity was able to escape and relay the warning in time to foil the attack. George Washington remarked “Neither you nor your bees shall be forgotten when our country is at peace again. It was the cackling geese that saved Rome, but it was the bees that saved America.”