How to consume acacia honey?

If you plan to switch from industrial sugars and artificial sweeteners to honey, that is great news! But, BEE mindful.

Despite all of honey's positive effects, consuming more than recommended, or an extra spoonful every time, might cause you some problems.

From our perspective, the most important routine is your morning routine. Take one tea spoon of pure acacia honey ( first thing in the morning. Try to keep it in your mouth as long as possible so portions of it can get absorbed thru blood vessels bellow the tongue. Let the rest of the honey slide slowly down your throat. This process can be followed by a glass of warm water. This way you can speed up your metabolism, burn some extra fat from the past holiday season, improve digestion, and avoid acidity for the rest of the day. 

Depending on your favorite morning drink, we can recommend a couple of options:

1. If tea is your beverage of choice, instead of sugar, you can use a tea spoon of acacia honey as an alternative. Also, if you're trying to change your diet to loose weight, we highly recommend our acacia honey with greet tea (

2. If juice is your beverage of choice, preferably homemade, just replace that portion of sugar with one spoon of our acacia honey ( It's never been easier to control your weight!

3. Coffee anyone? You might not be aware, but honeybees can become easily addicted to caffeine, same as us, right? So now that you've had your coffee and you're wide awake, what about that sweet tooth? Don't go for that chocolate chip cookie, fill that craving with our acacia honey instead, your body will thank you (

If you are having just salads in your diet during the day, you can use a bit of honey in your salad dressing. Just don't be tempted to add honey to fruit salads, or salads containing fruits, fruits already have enough natural sugars.

Combine acacia honey with a handful of almonds and you can keep your body energized the rest of the day! 

Combine acacia honey with ginger to help cure a cough and cold, it's one of the best home remedies for a sore throat.

At the end of the day, right before bed time, you can use one tea spoon of acacia honey in combination with warm milk. It will calm your body down and make the taste of plain milk a little sweeter.  Research has also shown that honey is one of the best foods for burning body fat when you sleep. So, if you are trying to loose weight, have a little honey before you go to sleep.