Why is Serbian honey so special?

In Serbia, love for honey and beekeeping has been traditionally passed down from one generation to the next. Serbian beekeepers believe that man and bees need to love and respect each other in order to have the highest quality natural honey.

Serbia's stunningly gorgeous and curative meadows filled with sunshine; the freshness and smell of acacia forests; and the nectar from plants found in the beautiful, untouched and inaccessible mountain tops; stage the perfect setting for the creation of our exquisite honey, nature's true liquid gold.

Our beekeepers are dedicated to providing all honey lovers and true honey connoisseurs alike with unique and innovative products of the upmost quality and taste. As a result, they have created a variety of new flavors based on traditional recipes and skillful combination of pure honey and dried (lyophilized) fruits.

Credits for video: National Tourism Organisation of Serbia (https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=FEk_Qy5Ez3I&feature=emb_logo)